woman smiling showing teeth

Studies show that dentists who check for cavities using only a handheld pick only detect 57% of problems. Dr. Raider believes that number isn’t good enough for his patients – that’s why his dental office uses DIAGNOdent.

What Is DIAGNOdent?

DIAGNOdent is an advanced diagnostic tool that uses a laser system to detect tooth decay. The device shines a specific wavelength of light onto a tooth. If the wavelength changes, the DIAGNOdent has discovered the presence of potentially harmful bacteria.

When exposed to the laser, plaque will exhibit a fluorescent glow. The device will alert Dr. Raider of the change and allow him to see bacteria growth that is usually invisible to the naked eye.

More common diagnostic tools like oral X-rays and the traditional exam conducted by a dentist sometimes can’t show evidence of a dental health problem until it has reached an advanced stage. By conforming to the peaks and valleys of each tooth and illuminating even small patches of decay, the laser used by DIAGNOdent is often a more effective first alert.

Benefits of DIAGNOdent

Unchecked bacteria growth in the mouth can lead to multiple cavities, which are not only painful but can require expensive restoration if left untreated. One of the key advantages of DIAGNOdent is the laser’s ability to detect a cavity in its earliest stages

Other reasons Dr. Raider uses laser cavity detection include:

  • Tooth repair can be more conservative
  • Closer, accurate diagnosis saves time during your appointment
  • Minimizes the need for additional exploration to diagnose decay
  • Easier diagnosis of potential dental health issues causing cavities, such as chronic dry mouth
  • The high degree of accuracy and the ability to detect problems early make DIAGNOdent a key feature of Dr. Raider’s advanced dentistry practice.